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Our Mission

Be Alberta’s leading provider of Pest Control Services and Information.  As Alberta Pest Control Experts, we are focused on delivering quick customized solutions to our customers. We do this while providing a superior service that makes them feel valued.

Alberta Pest Control Experts – Solution Specialists

    • Alberta Owned and Operated
    • Over 30 years combined field experience
    • Ethical Service and Safety Driven
    • Knowledgeable on current pest solutions
    • Member of the Pest Management Association of Alberta
Randy, Alberta Pest Control Experts
Randy, Pest Control Expert Call / Text Randy @ 403-681-3511
Scott, Alberta Pest Control Experts
Scott, Pest Control Expert Call / Text Scott @ 403-616-0350

Certifications & Qualifications

      • Alberta Pesticide Applicator Licenses – Structural and Landscape
      • Insured
      • WCB
      • HACCP Trained
      • Safety Program in Place

Health & Safety Policy

Assassin Pest Solution Ltd, is committed to a strong safety program that protects its employees, its property, and the public from accidents.

Employees at every level, including management, are responsible and accountable for the company’s overall safety objectives and initiatives.  Complete and active participation by everyone, everyday, in every job, is necessary for the safety of all workers and customers.

Management actively supports participation in the program by all employees and provides proper equipment, training and procedures.  Employees are responsible for following all procedures, working safely, and wherever possible, improving safety measures.

An injury and accident-free workplace is our goal.  Through continuous safety and loss control, we can accomplish this.

Environmental Policy

As Alberta Pest Control Experts, Assassin Pest Solution is committed to providing the best service possible with no negative impact to the environment.  It is our goal to be a leader in our field while maintaining a strong environmental program.

We are committed to continually improve our environmental performance by staying current on the latest procedures and information in the pest control industry.  This will include continuous education of our management and employees.

We will raise awareness, encourage participation, and provide education and training to all management and employees in environmental impacts and aspects.

We are committed to effectively manage our significant environmental impacts by proper use, storage and disposal of all pesticides and containers.  Additionally, we will not perform activities that may result in potential harm to non-target species.

We recognize that we must meet or exceed the standards set out by all relevant environmental legislation.

We will monitor the progress and review environmental performance against targets and objectives on a regular basis.  These objectives including the performance measures will be communicated to all employees.


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