Pest Control Services


Even though our Pest Control Experts are experienced, Alberta’s Pest Control services inspect and investigate thoroughly to determine the cause and extent of the pest situation.


We carefully determine your concerns and priorities regarding the pest situation and make sure that our service will be more than satisfactory.



NO ONE wants a Pest Problem. These pests cause inconvenience, embarrassment, and may be a serious health risk to you and your family. Structurally, these pests may cause serious damage to your home. Assassin Pest Solution recognizes the sensitive nature of the situation and is committed to providing fast, effective and confidential service. We have trained Pest Specialists to deliver solutions for detecting, managing, destroying and preventing pest problems.

At Assassin Pest Solution, we work to provide balance between your pest problems and your budget.  We offer various programs based on one specific pest or multiple pests.  The options are as varied as the pests, including: One-Time Service, Multi-Service Bundles, and a Home Protection Plan to protect you all year long.

Features of our service


  • Environmentally conscious procedures
  • Prompt and courteous service at your convenience
  • Competitive prices
  • Local – Alberta owned and operated
  • Skilled, Experienced Professional
  • Services designed around your children and pets
  • Respect for you – your home, family, possessions and time




At Assassin Pest Solution, we offer fast, effective and reliable pest control services for your business. We will customize a program to suit your unique business needs based on a detailed on-site inspection. Assassin Pest Solution is committed to providing a superior service through highly qualified, trained professionals.

In today’s highly competitive market, it is imperative that a solid Pest Management Program is in place that is pro-active and not re-active because by the time you discover the problem, your customer has most likely discovered it also.  The basis of any great Pest Management Program is to correct the deficiencies that could potentially lead to a problem and then monitor for activity.  This is where Assassin Pest Solution excels.  We have the experience with small businesses and food establishments as well as large manufacturing facilities.  We know that pest control services is more about the inspections and preventative programs than it is about the catches.  We realize the importance of keeping the pests out of the facility.  We have proven experience with HACCP programs and have a trained auditor in the company that can guide you to success.  Give us a call and let us tell you how.

Pest Control Services

Our commercial customers have several unique benefits

Experience – We have over 30 years combined experience setting up and providing pest control services to facilities of all shapes and sizes.

Responsive and Local Service – Assassin Pest Solution is local Alberta-owned and operated. You can talk to your Pest Control Service Specialist to arrange service.

Integrated Pest Management – A pro-active approach based on your individual needs. We identify what is causing the pest problem, and work to correct the conditions for long term solutions and sustainability.

Always Available – We will work with your schedule and offer flexibility. After all, you have a business to run and some pests are nocturnal.

Your Own Dedicated Pest Solution Specialist – Trained, experienced and trustworthy.

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